Denice Schoenpflug is a well-known and respected Hedge Witch and tarot reader who specialises in intuitive readings using tarot, crystal ball and black mirror scrying. After more than 30+ years of being a practicing Hedge Witch also brings spiritual guidance and mentoring support with her readings.

Located in Lancefield, Victoria (Australia), Denice has spent a lifetime dedicated to her pagan beliefs and practices and brings her Crone wisdom to all that she does. Denice specialises in spell work utilising herbs lovingly planted and nurtured in her witch’s garden. All of the magickal herbs are planted and harvested in conjunction with the cycles of Goddess Moon to ensure their full power and potency.

Denice is both a Sichem and Reiki Master and combines both modalities to replenish mind, body and spirit. Denice supports her clients to harness their own energies to keep the chakras in balance.

It is Denice’s passion to empower her clients to look within and see their own Goddess energy to heal and nurture themselves and hopefully have a better understanding of their own power.